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Meet Vicki


"My mantra is "Movemnt is Medicine"

We create the environment we want our cells to mirror"

Vicki H

Vicki Howell


If I had a Super-Power it would be to create magic, to cast a spell worldwide to inspire us all to keep playing, having fun and using the connection of body, mind,  spirit and , emotions to full capacity.  

The old adage "Use it, or Lose It" is a reality. The body was designed to move and loves to move. 

I am passionate about sharing how we can all make a difference by taking responsibility for our health, to provide the best environment we can to stay energised, happy, healthy, active and creative. 

My ten years  study in anatomy, movement, dance and holistic practices have lead me on this path. I am inspired and honoured to share transformations I have witnessed with you.

You are most welcome to connect with me if you have any questions by using our contact form here. You can also book a class or find out about any of the modalities I offer.

"Create the environment you would like your cells to  mirror" Vicki


Brain/Body Seated Moving to Music


Barefoot Dance & Movement 

Beach at Sunset
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