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Nia Technique


Nia is a unique form of fitness and movement that combines elements of dance, martial arts and healing arts with the focus of the practice integrating the body, mind spirit and soul.

The practice  was created to the 1980's by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas who aimed to develop a movement practice that was both fun and healing that most abilities could participate in.

One of the key principles of the Nia Technique is "The Joy of Movement", which encourages participants to move in ways that feel good and enjoyable. The practice also emphasises the importance of listening to the body and adapting movements for individuals needs and abilities.  


The Nia Technique classes typicaly involve a variety of movements, including kicks, punches and dance steps, as well as periods of relaxation and stretching. The program is generally done barefoot as it is gentle on the joints and low impact.  We also encourage some to practice in a chair if required.

In addition to providing physical benefits such as improved strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health, The Nia Technique is also said to have mental and emotional benefits. Participants report feeling more connected to their bodies and are more relaxed and centred after a Nia class.

Overall the Nia Technique offers a holistic approach to fitness and well being that is both energising and rejuvenating. 

Class Timetable

Friday 9.30 am

Studio 1/12 Kelly Court


All welcome

5 class pass $50

Casual $18

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