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Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace is a unique program for brain and body fitness done seated using fabulous eras gone by music.

Designed to help maintain physical and cognitive health, the program consists  of 21 simple tools that are designed to be done while seated in a chair.

Each exercise is designed to engage different parts of the brain and body, stimulating neural pathways and improving overall brain function.

The exercises are easy to follow and can be modified to accommodate different fitness levels and physical abilities. They can be done individually or as a group, making it a great activity for seniors to do together. The program is also designed to be fun and engaging, with movement and music that inspires joy and laughter.

One of the key benefits of Ageless Grace is the it can help improve overall wellness, including balance, flexibility, strength and coordination.  It can also help redduce stress and anxiety, boost mood and increase socialisation and connection with others.

Overall Ageless Grace is an innovative program that has helped many, especially seniors stay healthy, happy and engaged in life using playful exercises to stimulate cognitive function and improve mobility.

Class Timetable

Monday 10 am

Salvation Army Hall Lawnton Brisbane



Tuesday 2.20 pm & Wednesday 12 midday

Caloundra Community Centre

Queens Rd Caloundra

$5 when you join Moving Moments


Friday 12 midday

Anglican Church Hall

Currie St Nambour

$10 through your Age Care Package managed by Suncare


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