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Fusionique is here to help you, offering our well rounded approach to a happier,  healthier you.

Move with pleasure, comfort, joy and vitality to feel at  your best!

Let Vicki guide you through our dance, movement  well-being programs to find your perfect balance of body and mind.

Movement programs include Nia Dance Technique and  Ageless Grace Seated Brain Body Fitness. These programs are done to fun, empowering music that you can't help engaging with.

Vicki is also certified in EFT Tapping, Reiki Energy Healing and Breathwork, offering a holistic approach to feeling better, improving health and happiness while 

discovering your power within.

Vicki also works with amazing Skin Care products and devices to help you look and feel your best plus body health & weight management programs.

This combined approach can deliver effective benefits for your confidence and over all health and happiness.

"I love sharing all my studies, knowledge and techniques  to help you enjoy a holistic approach to improved health, wellbeing and fitness through your midlife and beyond."

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